Breeze Disposable Vape Device Wholesale

If you are looking for a convenient way to enjoy your favorite flavors, the Breeze Disposable Vape is just what you need. Its compact design and easy draw activation make it a great choice for beginners or seasoned vapers.

This product comes in a variety of flavors, including blueberry lemon, pink lemonade, and more. It also has 0% nicotine for people who prefer to avoid the additive effects of this addictive chemical.

Easy to use

Breeze Disposable Vape is an easy to use device that does not require much knowledge or expertise to operate. Its sleek and straightforward design makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to quit smoking.

The device comes with a high resistance coil, which allows it to heat up the nicotine salt eliquid without requiring a lot of power. This enables you to enjoy warm vapor and great flavor from every puff.

One of the best things about disposable vapes is that they come with a wide variety of flavors. You can choose from fruits, menthol, tobacco, dessert, and other kinds of flavors that will appeal to your taste buds.

The devices are also easy to recharge and can last a long time, depending on how often you vape. They are also compact and convenient to carry around, which is a plus for those who are on the go.

Convenient to carry

The Breeze Disposable Vape is a good choice for anyone looking to transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping without compromising their budget. It’s an e-cigarette that offers a variety of features, from a 3.5ml electronic tank to a 1000mAh battery.

In addition, the company has a good track record for customer satisfaction. This includes a lifetime warranty on most devices and a no-questions-asked return policy. They also offer a range of flavors and accessories to fit any budget, from a gimmick-free starter kit to an array of premium replacement batteries.

The best way to go about choosing a disposable e-cigarette is to consider your lifestyle and what you want out of it. For example, if you’re a commuter or someone who spends the majority of their time away from home, you may prefer a larger device that offers more battery life and a more robust vapor production. You should also opt for a flavor that you can enjoy while on the go, such as a minty cool menthol or a sweet and sour strawberry concoction.

Easy to refill

Refilling disposable vapes is a great way to save money and avoid having to buy a new device every time you run out of e-liquid. It is also safer than disposing of a used vape.

A disposable vape vaporizer works by storing a small amount of e-liquid in a wick wrapped around an atomizer coil. The e-liquid is then vaporized when you inhale.

The wick can become dry after a while, so you must wait several seconds for the wick to refresh itself. This will ensure you get a satisfying hit each time.

When refilling a Breeze Disposable Vape, be sure to use a 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid with nicotine salts. These e-liquids can produce smoother vapor than other options.

To empty your Breeze disposable vape, unscrew the mouthpiece counterclockwise and twist it a few times. You should now be able to see the empty cartridge underneath. Refill it with a syringe or eye dropper, then screw the mouthpiece back on and firmly to prevent leakage.


The Breeze Disposable Vape is a dependable device that will help you replace the traditional cigarette with an enjoyable experience. It comes in a variety of flavors that range from fruits and menthol combinations to desserts and even Anejo, which tastes just like a red bull!

Besides, it does not require any tank filling or battery charging. You can simply take it out of the packaging and use it.

It is also available in a 0% nicotine version, which is ideal for those who prefer to limit their nicotine consumption. It has an 800 puff capacity and a 3.5 mL e-liquid reservoir.

The Breeze Pro is one of the most flavorful disposable vapes on the market. It features premium materials encompassed by a beautiful design. Inside, it has a powerful 1,000mAh battery capable of 2,000 puffs and 6mL of salt nicotine e-liquid.