Different Types of Wall Murals


Different Types of Wall Murals

A wall mural is a beautiful way to decorate any space. Not only can a wall mural make your walls look much more exciting, but it also helps your walls last longer. If you aren’t sure where to start, keep reading to learn more about the different styles of wall murals. Then, you can decide which mural would suit your room best!

1. Walls

The exterior walls of buildings must be designed to withstand hydrostatic pressures. These walls should be concrete or masonry. They should also be structurally sound and able to withstand lateral loads. In addition, they should be waterproofed. A waterproofing system should be applied at least 12 inches above the ground water table. Waterproofing systems should be lapped according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

To comply with these standards, the exterior wall envelope must be tested for water penetration at the perimeter and inside the openings and at the terminations of the wall. In addition, it is recommended that the joints in the membrane are lapped to ensure water-tightness. If any joint is discovered to have an abnormality, it should be repaired to maintain the water-tightness. The water-tightness of the membrane should be verified using a laboratory test that is representative of the expected end-use configuration.

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